Our breakfasts are made to order,  as we like to offer you our local ingredients as fresh as possible and as you fancy them. after a few days in a bed and breakfast, full fry ups can get a bit too filling so we also offer a daily special which changes everyday. We feel it’s was a nice way to offer you something a little different if you fancy it.

Specials are made to order too so choice is the order of the day at Highcliffe.

Breakfast in the dining room is between 8.15 am and 9 am just to order and then you are welcome to stay as long as you like and we’ll just keep topping you up with tea.


Full English

Ahh the full English. It says “you’re not at work.”  It says “you can relax”, it says “you’re on holiday.”  It says it all really.

And it’s not difficult to know what you’re looking for. You want quality ingredients, choice and someone who can cook a half decent egg. Well that’s what we do. We let you choose what you want in the morning when you know what side of the bed you’ve got out of.

We offer you a local sausage from The Kernow Sausage Company who have won 25 awards since they began producing sausages and bacon in 2007 on their farm on The Roseland. We only use eggs which are from happy healthy free range local chickens with space to roam and 24 hour access to sunshine and we can scramble ‘em, fry ‘em, poach ‘em or boil ‘em.  Whatever takes your fancy. Toast is delivered daily, organic and hand crafted by Baker Tom’s.


” the key to a good FULL ENGLISH is Quality Ingredients
made from Happy Animals and cooked with a little TLC. “

IdleBird Breakfast

Idle Bird

When we went to B&B's we never got up in time for breakfast because quite frankly we were on holiday! So why not book the Idle Bird option so unlike us, you don't have to go hungry. Placed outside your room between 9.30am and 10am this free of charge service includes:

Hot grilled Kernow bacon
Hot Cornish scrambled eggs on a toasted muffin
Original Alpen
Cornish whole milk
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Fruit yogurt
Fruit salad
A teapot with Cornish Tea (coffee is already available in your room and is not on offer with the Idle Bird)
All served in a cute English picnic basket.

We will gently knock your door and slip a little 'breakfast is served' note under your door.

If you would like this service please book at least 24 hours in advance.
Just email us on info@highcliffefalmouth.com or make a note of it whilst online booking.
Idle Bird is unavailable on the day of your departure unless you have pre-booked the Late Check Out. (Late Check Out is noon and incurs a £15.00 supplement). Of course rooms are not cleaned on the morning of your Idle Bird. Well, you're in bed!

earlyBird Breakfast

Early Bird

Oh no! You mean you have to leave early? Poor you! No problem though, we can still feed you. Book our Early Bird option. Placed outside your room at 7.30am the Early Bird option will allow you to head out on time. This free of charge service includes:

Croissant or fresh bread with Cornish butter and jam
Original Alpen
Cornish whole milk
Freshly squeezed orange juice
Fruit yoghurt
Fruit salad
A teapot with Cornish Tea (coffee is already available in your room and is not available with this service).
All served very nicely in our wicker picnic basket.

If you would like this service please book at least 24 hours in advance.
Just email us on info@highcliffefalmouth.com.


First thing in the morning you just need a decent coffee and good coffee is exactly what you will get.
We serve OlFactory KO beans: Knock Out. It's not too weak, not too strong and packed with flavour perfect for a wake up call. It's bean to cup Americano and if you need that extra boom ask for an espresso shot. Choice though is always top of our list so we also offer decaffe Olfactory ground coffee in a caraffe shown in the shot next door.

Tea? Yes of course we do tea. In fact the Cornish Tea Company make a luvly cuppa and you can even buy some in our tuck shop to take home for the dog sitter. We also offer loose leaf or bagged Twinings English Breakfast and Earl Grey and all sorts of different flavours; peppermint, green, decafe or fruit. But the most important thing of all is to drink it from a china cup as is traditional. Well alright ask for a mug if you want to. There should be one somewhere.

There is another little surprise in store too. Proper freshly squeezed orange juice and proper freshly pressed apple juice. Say no more.

Highcliffe Breakfast Specials


You’re on holiday. You should be spoilt for choice. That’s why we offer you a different special every day you’re here with us. And also because we enjoy seeing you struggle with the decision of what to have for breakfast each day; the full English or the Hogs pudding on Mediterranean toast with a poached duck egg? Mmmm?

If you think you could forgo the local sausages in the Full English for our American pancake stack with salty local bacon, bananas & sweet syrup or perhaps the more elegant smoked salmon draped over scrambled local eggs with a toasted muffin oozing with salty Cornish butter then you will love our daily specials.

Just coz we’re a B&B does not mean we can’t give you something more than the big, loud, proud full English now does it?